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Ever since I was a young boy, I've had a passion for computing and programming. As I grew older, I traded my diaries for a degree in Diploma in Computer Engineering and then B.E in Computer Science and Engineering at VTU Bangalore, Now working as a Software Engineer. I am conversant in Web development, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps development and Coding.

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Diploma in Computer Science

2013 CTEVT, Nepal

This is the course where I came to know about Computer Science and Engineering and first time I used the computer and I was amazed and this is what that made me to explore the world of Computer Science and Engineering

Bachelor Of Computer Science & Engineering

2019 VTU,Bangalore


Specialization Course in Laravel

2019 InfiData

Have taken specialization course in Laravel


Software Engineer At ShiranTech Pvt. Ltd.

September 2019 – Current Software Engineer

Working as Web Developer at ShiranTech. I am a part of a very effective team of Web Developers and working on large scale applications.

Intern At Microsoft Nepal

November 2013 – January 2014 App Developers

Worked as an Intensive Intern at Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal. I was a part of a very effective team of Windows 8.1 App Developers and developed quite few Windows Store Apps. Besides developing Apps on Windows Store, I also involved in debugging, fixing errors and publishing Apps on Windows Store

Microsoft Student Partner

January 2014 - Present Microsoft

The Microsoft Student Partners is a worldwide educational program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The MSP program attempts to enhance students' employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge in various Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft YouthSpark Advocate

September 2014 – June 2015 Microsoft

Microsoft YouthSpark is our company-wide, global initiative to empower 300 million young people over three years in education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Extra Skills

Microsoft Azure



Coding Skills




Project and Works


Safety Whistle

Safety Whistle App is a safety App that is focused on public safety. the main concept of this app is that if any individual is in problem .This app in a click can send SMS to their near dear phone with their Locations. and it can also track the nearest police stations and hospitals.



This project can be implemented at the agriculture office of every district of the country, which will forecast the weather of the next 15 days and give the alert notification about the weather and will suggest about the farming according to the weather.


Job Portal

This is project built during my internship using laravel framework. it is simple job portal in Laravel.This project has all the features that is needed by Admin,Company and Job seeker individual.You can look have at this project on Github



The aim of this Human Resource Management System project is to build a system that will help a company manage its human resources. All records of employees will be maintained on the system along with their skills and abilities. view on Github



This project simulates a 3D implementation of OpenGL nature. The implementation is done using OpenGL. It uses GL, GLU and GLUT functions. It contains a building, along with parking area and a basketball court located nearby. The building and court is situated on the left side of the road. view on Github


Book Donation System

Providesindividuals/NGOs/Schools a platform where they will be able to request books from individuals/NGOs/Schools.Allow anyone to register as donor/receiver so that books they have can be utilized properly.Allow the user to see who is available to donate the books and how far they're from their place. view on Github


Microbit Speech Synthesis

This project is built for making BBC Micro:bit talk using Micropython.I have written code to make micro:bit talk using Micropython speech Synthesis.The interesting part is just four lines of code and your device will start saying whatever you want.see all projects here on view on Hackster


Travell Managment System

The tourism management system allows the user of the system access all the details such as weather, location, events, etc. The main purpose is to help tourism companies to manage customer and hotels etc. The system can also be used for both professional and business trips. view on Github

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