How to Get Office 2016 (Step By Step )

Note:- This Tutor Will work only for those who have Office 365 Subscription Already and office 2016 preview installed and activated with office365 subscrition


1. Go to Office 365 Portal (click Here)




2.Then Enter you Email and Password and click on Sign in




3.After Logging In May Be you will Directed to Outlook Mail. Click On Setting as shown in Screenshot!!




4. Then Click on Office 365 Setting .




or After Logging . directly you can  go to


5. After click on Office 365 Setting you will see Below Screen




6. After That Click on Software (install or Manage Software )




7. After that you will see this screens !! Then Just click on “Install” and if you want 64 Bit then click on Advance

as shown in Below Screenshots!!




Screenshot (17)


9. Then you will get One file . Just click on that File


Screenshot (18)



NOTE:- if you’re Already Running Preview version of Office2016 then you need to Remove(uninstall) that First !!


10. You will See this Screen saying that Getting Things Ready !!  follow the Instructions and it will take some time to install.

Screenshot (19)


That’s It Enjoy Office 2016 !! Open-mouthed smile




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