How to Upload your App to Windows Store (step by Step)

lets say if you’re a Beginner and you have developed your windows phone or windows 10 App

and you want your App to be in Windows Store so that people all over the world can use your

App then and you don’t know how to upload your App to Windows10 or Windows phone store !!

this  Article will Might Help you !!

To upload your to windows store first you need to make An App package for Windows store

and if you don’t know How to create App packages for Windows store of your App

then Please See this Article How to create App packages for windows store .

and After creating app package please follow the steps to upload it to windows store !

Pre-requisites :   Active Dev center  Account !!

so lets get Started

1. Go to  Dev  Center (



2.Click on Sign in



after that  you will see sign in Page !! then Enter your Email (email id which is associated with

your Dev center Account )  and enter your password and click on  “Sign in “



3. after signing in you will see the Page which is basically called “Dashboard”  !!

from Dashboard you can See the”Reports” o your App like Download count crashes and all

list of your Apps  if you haven’t Uploaded yet then you will see

Other thing instead of list of your Apps !!  For uploading a  New App you will see “Create a

New App”  Click on “Create New App “.



4, after that you need to Reserve App name for your App !!for that enter the your

Desired App name and then click on “Check availability” if  the App name is available then Click on “Reserve”

and if it is not available then  you have choose another name and click on “Reserve “


5. After reserving the App Name now we need to Submit the details About your App

so for that click on “Start your Submission “


6.After that will see the list of the things which we have to submit the information. like,


  • Pricing and availability :  In this section you need to define the Pricing Details like your

App is free or you need to set some Prices for your App or you want to  give some days trails to your user!!

these type of details you can define in this section.


  • APP Properties :  in this section you need to Pick a category of your app like Health.Education etc.

you have to choose the Category from which category your App belongs to!! and then you have to go for rating.

  • RATING The Windows Store uses age ratings to help your customers find apps that meet their needs.

       Pick the age rating that pertains to the suitability of the content in your app, rather than the age of the user to which the content is directed.

      Some countries and regions require that you also rate your app through a specific ratings board.

     you choose the 3+ or 7+ rating only if your app contains content that is suitable for children. and  likewise so on .

  •     after that you have to upload App package!!
  • And the  you have  Describe your App in Description Section now lets start Submitting so we will Start  from Pricing and availability!!  for that click on Pricing and availability

6 - Copy

Now  you have to Pick Base Price  and if you want to give Trail to your user then choose for 1,7 ,15 and for

30 day or trail never expires like that !!  and then choose Publish Date. choose publish date which suits you the Best

but I will recommend you to choose  Publish this app as soon as it passes certification.

and click on “Save”



8.Now we will go For App properties !! so for that click on App properties


Now you have to choose category from which category your App belongs to so chose Appropriate

category for your App and then choose Rating for which Age it is suitable like my App is suitable

for 12+ Age so I will choose 12+ an d the you  will different rating boards Below  if your App is Game then

you have to choose different rating As well Because Different country is having different Rating boards

and if your App is not a game then Leave that Fields as it is !! and move to Another Section is Hardware Preferences:

Indicate which hardware features are required in order for your app to run properly.

Customers on hardware that doesn’t meet your app’s requirements will see a warning before they download your app.

After this Move to another Section is  App declaration: let you choose if your App is commercial means your App do transactions and all or not

and it allows  you to choose prevent user from installing this App in SD card and like that !! so go and choose  Which Suits you the Best!!


9. Now lets move to Another Section that is “Package”!!

here  we need to Upload our App packages!! and once again if you don’t know How to create App package for Windows store

then Please How to Create App Package for windows Store  !!

Now lets Upload our App Package !! Simply we need to show the location of our App package.   Normally if you will Create Package then it will

be in the Project folder  and you have to show the locate the location of the package !!

Now Click on Browse Or Simply Drag your package !!


Then Show the Location of your App package

Screenshot (101)

After that it will Start Uploading it will only take Few Seconds and after then click On  Save

Screenshot (102)

Screenshot (103)

NOTE:  if there is any Problem with then you will not be able to Give the Description of your App

so you need to Fix that error

10. Now we need to give Descriptions Fro our App  so lets do it !! for that click on Description


Now you Need to Give the Description of your App, it means that you have to tell your user  About your App

and then you have enter the Release Notes , and then  Upload Screenshot,and then you have to enter the  Feature of App and All



and After that Click on Save

After that If you want to Leave some Notes for Certifications you can write some lines to the tester ( this is Optional )

and then again  check the details and then click on Submit to Store



That’s All  Hope it might Help

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