How to Add Custom Domain in Azure web App

Hi everyone,

Today i am going to show  how to add custom domain in azure. If you have your own custom domain . it is very easy to map your azure web app to custom domain.The advantage of doing that is you will be able to browse your website via your  domain name and will not be there whenever you will browse.

so lets get started. here are some simple steps to follow

1.Go to  Azure Portal. It will ask you to Sign in with your azure subscription Account.


Then enter your email id and password and click on Sign in. if you  don’t have azure subscription then go to Azure and signup for trail or click on free Account. You will get following things free.

see  this post how to get free for three months or you can get it via Get the Student Developer Pack

2.Now the Second Step is to Create Web App if you don’t have any/ if you don’t know how to Create Web App in the Azure please do follow the this Post and the video. it is quite easy to create one.

if you want to create Simple website then see this Video

or if you want to host WordPress then  see this video


3 .Now let us see how we can map it to custom domain.

Now  go to Azure portal and sign in. and navigate to your web Apps.



Click on your web App and  Custom domain

and then you need to click on Add hostname and enter your custom domain. and click and validate .

Now it will check and it will check availability of your domain and it will add and you’re done.

then you will be able to browse via your custom domain.

here is quick video how to do it.

Thanks hope it Helps.

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